Charlotte Silpada

Loud Mouth Darevil Scoundrel Bard


I like to think of myself as a master of exoploitation. Others call me a wench, bitch or whore. But my interference in the affairs of others is quite minimal; it’s victims further extend problems I cause. Many solutions present themselves, but neither explored or realized. I feel no sympathy, and remain far from empathy. I only feel joy for every second they dance on my tangled web. And the best part will always be the transition period; when they realize that the fun I gave them might be some form of misfortune.

I am Charlotte Silpada, currenly 25 winters old, recently to avoid some issues with some people I joined a crew of pirates. However, for what I consider my full time job, over the past few months I have been self-employed as a Social Assasin.

The terms is perhaps a tad extreme; I don’t kill people, I kill their personalities, hopes and dreams and in some cases their social lives. If they are strong willed, they don’t become a victim. If they sucumb I turn them into a loyal slave. What i do is not illegal, but my methods are some what questionable and so is the source of my funds.

Morally, there is always been a better answer for what I do. Unfortunatelly for anyone, I don’t care. I’ve never cared. Trought my own experience, I have been desensitized beyond selflessness. I can feel joy, but only for myself. And I’m happy this way.

My first exploit was for the two officer’s of the Wormwood Scurge and Plugg, Typical stereotypes and emotional pariahs of Pirate circles. The only emotions they seem to be able to experience are anger, jealousy, and arousal. Their lack of care is far different from mine. They mindlessly hurt, lackadaisically and without consideration. I plan my moves, and deliberately do damage.

Plugg was the Captain’s fav on the ship town, and the least liked. Perhaps it was his ego that made social issues such a major conflict for his mind, but whatever the cause, he could not stand the constant rejection of the people he deemed worthy of his time. I never noticed it; I had no connections or experiences with other crew members before coming on board. The extent of my conversational involvement with others was always about finding what they wanted and how I could take that information and turn it into something profitable for myself.

This two took a particular liking into making my life and the life of some other recent recruits misserale. At first I didn’t care much for their antics until one of them decided to crack a whip at me. That was the last straw. My toughts were in motion and now I had to exact revenge. First make as many of the crew believe I’m as harmless as possible. Second kill the bitch that made me late to quartes and got me whipped. Third convince the rest of this group of new comers to fight them instead of me. That one was very easy.

We planned and conspired until the perfect oportunity came. This crawfoot guy finally decided to grow some balls and fight them. It was a quick fight and now “we” had our own ship.

Let the fun begin…..

Charlotte Silpada

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